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I feel disposable An inconvenient truth Love not worthy of equity Unworthy of consideration   I am on the train Crying and mourning Strangers wonder Not knowing what to say   Our relationship was powerful Deeply meaningful to me Now I am heartbreak I am amplified pain Grief unleashed like […]


You inspire me Suffusing me in ancient wisdom Connecting me with vitality and love Blessing me with radiant lunar energy Exploring and expanding polyamory Your love is my precious drug   I feel stronger with you I feel rooted in my power Bathed in acceptance In your arms I sleep […]


You engage all of my senses Senses yet to be discovered You elevate and animate Transgressive beauty like no other   You are levitation You are erotic detonation You activate liberation Cleansing this toxic nation   I believe in you I believe in your spirit Your body is enticing Inviting […]


Your body is branded  as testament  to the force of your introspective eye Tattoos of nonbinary energy circulate, reverberate, and realign You command your potent sex presence by flexing the sinew of your mind This is a proud genderfuck moment of transcendent hope and desire   We rise up for […]


  Entrancing eyes caress seductive thighs Erogenous dreams are realized Our armies recruit to rebel and arise Coptic sex vixens amplify carnal desires   Afro Goth power reverberates deep within Your sorcery allows the clock of history to begin once again We find sacred joy in our bodies: the pleasure […]


She commands the room… A presence so potent that hearts stop… Seductive curves and sinuous limbs arouse incite and inspire… Locking eyes with her lover she is radically honest—palpably tantalizing… Armies of men stand powerless before insurgent beauty… A beauty whose pleasure is reserved for the circle of tantric sorceresses […]


Lips combine while souls rewire Pleasure molds a sacred pyre Tantric power deep inside Writhes and climbs right up the spine   Leather bound and heaven sent This triptych manifests as sacrament The sacred dance of beautiful men Erotic power fused with manic zen   We celebrate bodies in every […]


Your energy is seismic, electric, and magnetic… We fuse our hybrid imaginations into a psychic storm that is visceral and kinetic… You seduce with your eyes, with your mind, and with your fire… You transform the sexually transactional into an act of sacred pride… The power of the hypno-erotic unleashes […]


I invite you into this moment as he embraces you within his arms—I invite you into my present and the power of two to become one… This is digitized cylon sensuality transpiring within my mind–it is a subterranean erotic uprising transforming lust into a liberating grind… We can visualize sexual […]


our vixens and our hustlers conjure epic supernatural sentience we deduce spiritual principles from the fulcrum of our collective experience erotic anthems seduce the mind arming us with tantric prescience erotic armadas patrol the scintillating seas of magical dialectical consciousness   we conspire and inspire to build a global tantric […]


she slays with her looks—she’s estrogen butch she writhes with desire fueled by tantric touch   two lovers kiss, sharing breath so deep energy arises fueled by sacred chemistry   hormonal power surges deep inside amplifying feminist fire and lesbonic pride   we are striving to manifest a tantric underground […]


your eyes are cylon portals to the titanic force of your heart and soul…no mere mortal, you are a vixen, destined to conspire to transform our world and make us feel whole…genderqueer you defy systemic boundaries, letting transpower flow through your arms…you are a field marshal in our androgyne army […]


i have tried to cry for days, just feeling that grief is the right feeling to feel–emotive songs have helped me choke up for protracted moments, but again and again the feelings pass and my mind clears…i wonder why i am not more ground down by this–why i am not […]


In this moment, I am a hot mess of regret, anxiety, and desire With boundaries collapsed I don’t know how to recompartmentalize I don’t know what to think or believe about my inner self I struggle alone at night: mourning the passing of a dearly held aspiration But I don’t […]


  they are the distance at which i can safely love you and myself at the same time they are the porous barriers that i transgress when carnal power arises transcendent they are the force fields we generate to allow us to move like water and find the sacred speed […]


pleasure is so DAMN powerful…it arms us to sustain ourselves in resilience and to resist acquiescing to systemic oppression–we aspire to liberation and seek truth in divine lessons…we aspire to build fortresses of healing across our polarized nation…when i see a body, mind, and spirit to lust for, all of […]


in my body heartbeat throbbing–feeling myself or feeling somebody…transformational forces become embodied–i love the intensity of your cock deep inside me…erotic power suffuses our existence–it stokes the fires we build to transform this system…if we grasp the immense powers the erotic gives us we won’t settle for catastrophic misery enforced […]


slap me across the face while we vogue in this non-binary place…life is a journey but never a race—we thrive in community, in love, and in grace…hold me down and tell me you love me—i want to see your entrancing eyes above me…this penetration is so potent you don’t need […]


in this life, we often find ourselves on paths we would never have foreseen–we build bonds of liberated emotion and commitment freed from the shackles of bourgeois morality…we transform latent fuel for jealousy and envy into the foundation of a transcendent solidarity–we choose not to compete and to support one […]