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KALI METAMORPHOSIS: anthem for dragon

We share a connection We share shamanic magic The duality of the tantric A fierce energy ecstatic   You manifest the divine Duality redefined The epic power of Kali Creation redesigned   You feast on the blood of demons Ossified skulls adorn your waist Sacred sigils frame your face Visceral […]


You seduce with your mind Awakening my desire Knowledge is your fire Your spirit rises higher   You were born under Virgo Child of my rising sign Your body rules my libido Our hands intertwine   Tattoos brand your chest Pregnant with sacred breath I await what comes next Conjuring […]


Angel eyes Draw me inside Vulnerability embodied Evoking desire   Your tattooed body A geometric proof Urgently communicating Your policy of truth   Scandalous like fire Licentious and bold But always your eyes Are portals to your soul   I write by deep water This platonic love letter Your policy […]


The presence of fractals Demands infinite respect I infer and extrapolate I bow and genuflect   This is a gate of the sacred A gate of the divine A gate for ancient goddesses Who fuck and intertwine   Just hold my hand Get ready to jump The dance floor is […]


I am an infinite line manifesting in finite space I am a potent creative presence that cannot be erased Every sinew of your torso reflects the contours of your face These fractals are reactive—bringing my mind to this fearless place   The leather that armors your body is a seductive […]


Energy reverberates through crystal prisms—energy that is never either created or destroyed… Power magnifies from the source, channelling energy as it changes form—cultivating connection and creativity… We are all connected to this universal power—we are all conduits for spiritual, cosmic, and tantric synergy… Our source defies and transcends gender… It […]


I am conjuring a metaphor—I am conjuring a rhyme…the fractals animating my imagination are sinking deep roots in my mind…I heed the polyvalent technicolor narratives conveyed by our planets in orbit–the power of astrological wisdom helps me live most fully in the present… a cosmic conjecture is a wild psychic […]


i am a vessel for sacred forces arising in a moment of unprecedented global peril–we must draw strength from our collective unconscious to resist a fascist menace that has grown ruthless, desperate, and feral…i am anansi the spider weaving webs of wisdom, life, and love–i transmute psychic pain and crisis […]


my god is in the noticing–noticing the moment between when i start to breathe and when i feel the first rush of air into my lungs…noticing the energy and magic that surrounds us–evident in birds that flock and fungi who thrive on the toxins leached by other forms of life…noticing […]

GESTATION: diary of a shadow worker

I want to write about who I am becoming—and about what I am leaving behind…I want to write about the web we are weaving to save the air we are breathing with the power of our minds…I am a shadow worker in gestation—seeing the cracks through which liberation comes…pouring libations […]

PLANETARY ASCENSION: a viral manifesto

this is not a drill—COVID circumnavigates our globe in tandem with the relative scale of contemporary social dysfunction…this is a moment for what is to be done—a moment for protection from this infection: for connection and introspection…this is a moment that calls for all of us to breathe—and look out […]


you see us dance among you, but fail to sense our jedi powers in emergence—we conjure rites of love and liberation aspiring towards an all encompassing transformational resurgence…we sync our bypo minds through the meditative practices of erotic pleasure and service–I can’t choose my apocalypse squad but i can recruit […]


visions this intense have never before penetrated my mind—i see with godlike vision peering through amplified love fueled eyes…fractals manifest everywhere conveying prophecies for our disciples to find—this spiritual and erotic armor prepares us to leave the toxicity of this system behind…i am ripening through so much beauty and experiencing […]


nocturnal visions and prophecies suffuse our world and let her breathe…craving love and refusing sleep—crafting verses driving deep…pentagons and hexagons—trapezoids and octagons…geometry voiced by our freedom songs—doing right and righting wrongs… we weave the tapestry of a new religion from disparate threads of divergent spiritual traditions…grounding our energy through meditation—seeking […]


a force lifts me up, healing from so much pain—a light pierces clouds as the sun follows rain… we allow erotic energy to flow and percolate—creating sacred space for new ideas to arise and germinate… we must conjure superpowers to fuel our resistance–we must unearth cosmic truth from the worlds […]

CYLON HEXAGONS: the radiating geometry of praxis

rising proud with cylon style—fusing sentience with desire…the hexagons refracting and capturing our praxis—inspire our minds as evolution moves faster…solar peace reflects on our trans pharaoh’s solar plexus—we radiate positive energy even if many will at first reject us…geometries sheathe divine truths guiding spiritual pursuits—our army of cylon geishas is […]