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You are my protege My sponsee and my friend Absorbing your magnetic chemistry I feel fierce pride   We are a zeitgeist Evolving a lineage Crafting sacred lore Conspiring to amplify joy   We decolonize psychiatry Fusing divergent traditions Merging shamanic wisdom With psychotropic precision   We balance one another […]

KALI METAMORPHOSIS: anthem for dragon

We share a connection We share shamanic magic The duality of the tantric A fierce energy ecstatic   You manifest the divine Duality redefined The epic power of Kali Creation redesigned   You feast on the blood of demons Ossified skulls adorn your waist Sacred sigils frame your face Visceral […]


My god is awareness My god is in the noticing My goddess is evolving Awakening and focusing   I probe the depths of this mirror I explore my left eye It is the portal to my soul The sacred gateway of desire   This torus of light solidifies I hold […]


Explosive emotions Burning inside Luscious narrative Before my eyes   A film about cannibals An epic apocryphal Erotic power elemental Connecting with fire in us all   Blood is your water You thirst to go further Manifesting forever Writhing together   You are a vesper of transformation Emerging from an […]


limp wrists and raised fists—trans and queer we rearm and resist…we harness sacred powers arising in our midst—magical elixirs find their way to our souls through our lips…emphatic euphoric and intensely orgasmic—the confluence of emotion is deep and hypnotic…our dance with the dialectic is fierce and jaw dropping—our energy expands […]


  three sensuous bodies: three celestial auras–we aspire to cosmic connection to honor the rebels who came before us… we crave dance floors so fierce that the reigning divas will come to adore us–we crave intimacy and emotional resonance over the addictive forces that long to control us… this is […]


the buddhist teacher tich nhat hanh taught me to see that we are like clouds–forever evolving and changing from one state to another…always becoming but never, ever, simply becoming nothing…i am filled with exuberance in this moment, witnessing the deepening roots of recovery in my life–witnessing the sacred inspiration into […]


my god is in the noticing–noticing the moment between when i start to breathe and when i feel the first rush of air into my lungs…noticing the energy and magic that surrounds us–evident in birds that flock and fungi who thrive on the toxins leached by other forms of life…noticing […]


Our vibe is subtle, electric, and wild Your warmth is deeply attractive and your charms make me smile You are an ancient people’s warrior king and a cybernetic genius’ child We are bonded by the related demons that teem within our minds We have shared common struggles and bared vulnerable […]


For most of this year I’ve been struggling—never depressed really…just navigating the waters of harm and accountability—and groping for my most indigenous sense of purpose and direction…for most of this year, I have also lived under my parents’ wing…we have processed feelings, worked on communication, and grown, but it has […]


in my body heartbeat throbbing–feeling myself or feeling somebody…transformational forces become embodied–i love the intensity of your cock deep inside me…erotic power suffuses our existence–it stokes the fires we build to transform this system…if we grasp the immense powers the erotic gives us we won’t settle for catastrophic misery enforced […]


in this life, we often find ourselves on paths we would never have foreseen–we build bonds of liberated emotion and commitment freed from the shackles of bourgeois morality…we transform latent fuel for jealousy and envy into the foundation of a transcendent solidarity–we choose not to compete and to support one […]

LOVE SONG #3: the ‘like a prayer’ riff

when you call my name its like a little prayer—I’m down on my knees, I want to take you there…in the midnight hour i can feel your power—just like a prayer you know i’ll take you there just like a voice, just like a dream—your eyes are so deep, so […]


give and take–hope and change…healing trauma and psychic pain…guilt and shame conquered by love and rage…envisioning a  new world molded by revolutionary ways…crafting truth–connecting souls…love is a power greater than their hoarded gold…we breath deep and seek the gods of old…meditation brings peace making the spirit whole…we meet friends and […]


hypnotic, erotic, and intensely and viscerally exotic we weave our way through this matrix evolving towards the supersonic deeply inspired by potent and ancient pagan poetry we meditate to rebalance and hone jedi powers when we breathe we invent our own religion forged of the spiritual and the carnal we […]


flying high on dopamine i see visions in the sky…hieroglyphics everywhere seducing my mind late at night…when i close my eyes i see wormholes to distant galaxies…we must resist the pathologization of our tribe’s neurodiversity…i dream in staccato rhythms–refueling energy for the day ahead…i am wired in deep meditation–or feining […]


seductive eyes and sexy smiles—cyber-wired to organize…carnal lust and karmic love—dedicated to stars above…we are future lovers—trans and queer…overthrowing this system and its toxic debris…prefiguring our destiny in our work in this moment—imagining centuries of karma transcendent…sexed up men in mesh and lace—flirt with femmes blessed with grace…love and lust […]


we flex and strut—dropping beats…don’t give a fuck—feeling the heat…the rebel within comes to light—demanding respect—securing relief…rockstar renegades—we rule the night—proclaiming truth under flashing lights…worshipping stars—seeking truth…holding on—bulletproof…our army brands anti-capitalist praxis—street art vixens transform ideas into action…crafting plans and meditating to a house beat—we dream of a a future […]


sacrificial offerings placate the wife of shiva…sacred fires fuel the brilliance of our trans and femme divas…locked in wax and oil is the power to shed light…we need our fires stoked–we need rebels willing to fight…a nascient batallion of bypo freaks has evolved the rite of fire therapy…we meditate on […]


shock doctrine on overdrive–producing billions and endangering lives…corporate greed with no oversight–lacerating care and magnifying blight…we resist day by day in pursuit of a dream–we persist in this fight however futile it seems…we demand something more than this neoliberal wasteland–we demand equality for every woman and every man…the toxic refuse […]


anchored deep in my soul–lies a desperate lover waiting to be made whole…i crave the touch of a sexy beast—i pine with angst and gritted teeth…if sex is carnal and love is pure—my brain is hardwired to always want more…the spirits of the night are fleeting and fierce—the moment of […]


trans and queer—standing strong—crafting pride with freedom songs…erasing division and healing old wounds—our phoenix flies high—coming hard and soon…the drum beat of revolution is subterranean and fierce—our army grows with polished nails and gritted teeth…the power of karma is deep rooted and visceral—transforming raw recruits into assassins with pistols…sleek and […]


rockstar rebels with hip hop cred—infusing the fire with the blood of the dead…fighting for justice and keeping it real—subverting the logic of armies of steel…inked up with tattoos that seduce virgin eyes—painting a canvas as spirits arise…synced to the pulse of a house beat amped up—dying to live and […]

ONYX: an erotic dialectic

rising high and owning the night—queer rebels fuck and scream in delight…reclaiming our pride and eluding denial—sex is nothing if its not a little wild…the pathology of bigotry is insidious and cruel—luring far too many into its incipid cesspool…in claiming a type to define desire—we allow oppressive norms to confine […]


limbs and torso lithe and tight–sexed up bodies burning bright…cosmically powered karmic flight–erotically charged karmic nights…mind and body fused as one–glean from the moon the power of the sun…fight for justice–rise as one…resist the tyranny 45 has begun…cylon sluts in fly attire–build strength to fight and rise up higher…super computers […]


erotic minds intertwine—copulate and realign…sexy beasts—leather bound—move to the sound of the underground…butch or femme—genderqueer—rise as one and crush your fears…sing the songs of joy and pride—free the demons leashed inside…we live in cataclysmic times—can’t fuck our way to freedom—but we can certainly try…we were born to live—born to love—born […]