Body Postivity

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iri As Black folk We rise from oceans of trauma Seas of historic pain   We recover like webs of oak trees Deeply rooted in the earth Roots interlocking and interwoven Fortified against hurricane   Our journey begins again This sacred pilgrimage Converging to create anticapitalist community   Drawing strength […]


This is an homage to an angel In devilish disguise Tattoos brand your body Incarnations of your mind   You are electric but humble Enticing but kind I imagine tantric power Surging deep inside   Your beauty is raw Inspiring these rhymes Epic sex presence Transmogrifies time   I feel […]


Your flesh is luscious Visceral and radiant Your presence captivates Salacious and succulent   You seduce with your eyes You transfix with your mind Rivulets of orgasmic power Reverberate deep inside   I feel your energy I am your supplicant You invite manic chemistry Your body is sacred testament   […]


This poem is a collaboration between the photographer Emitt More and the poet BYPO PHOENIX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bloodfire surges between us Your cock is a conduit Channeling seismic sex presence Channeling a new spiritual genesis   We create a subterranean global army An army of prophetic disciples Phalanxes of lovers Reflections […]


Veiled in feminine artistry You are carnal virility embodied Channeling nonbinary energy Unleashing chemistry fierce and tectonic   This river boils with turbulence Reflecting your seductive fire Your body inspires igniting desire Elevating this synergy higher and higher   These erotic creations captivate my mind They have become inspiration and […]


Supple and sultry you invite desire My mind goes wild with what you inspire We choose what we do when we feel this fire I imagine alchemy when I penetrate your eyes   This is tantric zen—It is cosmic sex I imagine your touch, your gaze, and your breath We […]


You are my vices These images: intense and lurid I imagine your energy I imagine chemistry An exotic and erotic connection   I am addicted to sex magic Addicted to the tantric Entranced by elusive sensuality   Your unveiled eye Both sacred and sacrilegious A harbinger of hedonism A leather […]


This piece is a collaboration between the photographer Emitt More and the poet BYPO PHOENIX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I see intimacy and vulnerability in this image Two ravishing bodies intertwined Intricate tattoos creating erotic tapestry A kaleidoscope of resistance and resilience   These creations are a dialog Between the photographer’s eye […]


Fierce and seductive—bold and electric Carnal fire swirls in spirals concentric Magnetic fire conjures passion kinetic I see the contours of your body as a dialectic   This is a sacred quest for erotic evolution We unchain our minds seeking revolutionary solutions This is body erotic—a manifesto to dispel confusion […]


Your muscular presence is hot and inspiring Your energy is seismic—it is tantra arising Revolutionary phalanxes are writhing and conspiring Your sex positive chemistry is tantra reviving   We must become the power to which we aspire We must live what we desire—rising ever higher The liberation we require builds […]


You are supple and radiant projecting the power of salvation Sacred catechism describes your life and your resuscitation You move with your lover with passion and adoration I recreate this biblical myth with tantric imagination   Your eyes resonate—pulsating with cosmic electricity You have been raised from death as a […]


Shattering a static mold of beauty You give us faith to be ourselves There is power in your notoriety It is the strength to love and rebel   There is sacred fire in your eye And entrancing charm in your smile You effortlessly channel and rewire Reimagining our matrix of […]


My spirit admires Your play with desire My psyche rewires Feeling carnal fire   This is erotic sacrament A body positive anthem A postmodern testament A psychic tantric phantom   Fierce fire burns inside Toxic shame is crucified This a pulsating cosmic ride Our nascent pride is fortified   Tantric […]


The lock at your neck holds the key to your heart The key to your branding—the key to these marks The intensity of your eyes inspires the deepest seas to part Our sex presence transcends gender making desire a sacred art   Your fire rises from within like a divine […]


Your body is an epic canvas intricately woven with tattoos Your energy surges from within—reverberating in all you do Your silhouette carves  through darkness—transfixing all in the room We will dance to hard house anthems—getting so deeply into the groove   Your ink evokes blood memories of sacred magic and […]

ILLICIT ARMY: a leather anthem

Our erotic army is an illicit army Soldiers clad in leather hard and swarthy Our minds are cyber wired with cosmic chemistry We reimagine desire: sex becomes artistry   Our harnesses are conduits for tantric stimulation Orgasmic ecstasy is a pivotal pillar of creation We conceive a world of joy […]


Magnetic eyes electrified Conjure sacred carnal fire Imagining a matrix of desire Pandora’s box is opened wide   Water suffuses your seductive face You channel its power—you channel its grace A kinetic charge writhes and oscillates Aquatic depth: a vessel of fate   This is a dopamine clinic—it is seismic […]


Your body pulsates with sacred erotic energy You amplify sex presence—you amplify synergy Churning deep within your torso lies potent carnal chemistry Your succulent tantalizing curves are works of divine artistry   I imagine a cornucopia: your body carnal corpulent I imagine touching your flesh and feeling your aura virile […]


  Entrancing eyes caress seductive thighs Erogenous dreams are realized Our armies recruit to rebel and arise Coptic sex vixens amplify carnal desires   Afro Goth power reverberates deep within Your sorcery allows the clock of history to begin once again We find sacred joy in our bodies: the pleasure […]


Cleopatra’s eyes entrance Sheba’s thighs Your harem writhes watching electricity rise   Bedecked in jewels and fiercely Black You are armed with love ready to react or attack   This metallic veil amplifies the beauty you radiate The pulse of the erotic transforms and proliferates   We need armies of […]


Your eyes are intense—your sex appeal visceral…your flesh voluptuous—your powers biblical… I imagine savage dancing—sensing your grind…so body positive taking me through a wormhole to your mind… Playful confident erotic—your emotional vectors are vast…sex presence emanates from fractals deep within—sinking roots into the moment forgetting future and past… Wielding a titanium […]

MAGNETIC: anthem of seduction

Latin fire fused with crimson pride… You seduce and recruit with a flash of your eyes… Your aesthetic is scruff visceral and rugged… I imagine your fierce cuerpo in the arms of a lover…   Your sex presence is amplified magnetic and supersonic… Living in the moment you a flex […]


Lips combine while souls rewire Pleasure molds a sacred pyre Tantric power deep inside Writhes and climbs right up the spine   Leather bound and heaven sent This triptych manifests as sacrament The sacred dance of beautiful men Erotic power fused with manic zen   We celebrate bodies in every […]


there is clandestine power in your eyes and clandestine erotic energy in your hands… you traverse a multitude of worlds full of prescient awareness of your inner strength and fortitude… you have grown and grounded yourself through the recognition of having been lost, searching, and out of control… what we […]


In the queer male world we talk a lot about pride… We talk about gay pride but not gay shame… Shame born of the fact that few of us fit the intensely sculpted archetypes of beauty to whom we pay allegiance… Shame born of internalized homophobia and the catty pettiness […]