Trans/Queer Solidarity

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Your rhythm is percussive Insistent and seductive Your fire is diabolic Prophetic and destructive   You manifest as a demigod Your powers are tantric magic Angelic and ecstatic Your energy writhes emphatic   I am inspired by your image Inspired by sacred synergy This is infamy and alchemy Burning carnal […]


I look at you and my heart surges Emerald erotic conjuring tantric imagination   Your are telepathic and pornographic Ecstatic and viscerally emphatic   I write by the river Light interweaving with shadow Creating fractals of digitized waves Chemistry reverberating across the water   Water channels erotic synergy Generating sensuous […]


You conquer my eyes Queer vixens of Versailles Intricate lace intertwines Enticing my hybrid mind   Tantalizing nobility Conspiring to create history Manifesting prophecy Molding tantric destiny   We are embodied imagination We are ravishing manifestations Our spiritual joy is liberation We eroticize emancipation   This is couture chemistry Tantric […]


I sit by the water I see you arise Leather bound and ravishing A sacred natural high Carnal Hunting   Your body reverberates with power Transforming sacred kinetic energy Generating fractals of sex presence I reach for your pulsating essence I feel orgasmic synergy Carnal Hunting   We recruit armies […]


My visions My visions again   A vista of river reverberating with light Ripples and undulations become a Cylon matrix   I see my pantheon of erotic disciples My inspirations, my collaborators, my co-conspirators   It is you—cyberpunk boricua Returning persuasively Insistently Helping me imagine our path   I realize […]


Smoke curls around your face Like a projection of luminous eyes Energy reverberates around you Crafting the magic of sacred desire   There are fierce tattoos etched across your chest They are visceral brands of tantric elation Tattoos are sigils of the sacred and mystical Their ink shapes talismans of […]


Your body is branded  as testament  to the force of your introspective eye Tattoos of nonbinary energy circulate, reverberate, and realign You command your potent sex presence by flexing the sinew of your mind This is a proud genderfuck moment of transcendent hope and desire   We rise up for […]


She commands the room… A presence so potent that hearts stop… Seductive curves and sinuous limbs arouse incite and inspire… Locking eyes with her lover she is radically honest—palpably tantalizing… Armies of men stand powerless before insurgent beauty… A beauty whose pleasure is reserved for the circle of tantric sorceresses […]


Your energy is seismic, electric, and magnetic… We fuse our hybrid imaginations into a psychic storm that is visceral and kinetic… You seduce with your eyes, with your mind, and with your fire… You transform the sexually transactional into an act of sacred pride… The power of the hypno-erotic unleashes […]


Here I am: right were I need to be… This perfect June sky approaching sunset—delicate blues and pinks dancing in the stratosphere Dancing like we danced in the streets hours ago—celebrating the growing power of the struggle for trans and queer liberation…. This is my first fully clean Pride… The […]


luscious and radiantly non-binary–you emanate potent spiritual forces from your divine apothecary…you writhe and transform our world with your gender-expansive spirit…elevating our anthem of revolution so that spirits above and below can hear it…androgyne angels fly amongst us–unleashing the forces that, in a coming explosive instant, will ignite a detonation […]


the arsenal of the dancer is synergistic energy…armed with a mind fast as lightning he conjures subaltern chemistry…we grind, we fuck, we writhe, we breathe–we are evolving to create the world our souls yearn to see…intensely fierce and fly–so sexy and noir…inspiring raw passion and unchaining hearts…erotic power so potent […]


I want to write you a letter—even though we text every day…there is always something magically new to discover—there is always something radically new to say…you are such a blessing in my life—you inspire the divine spark in my heart…your presence excites passion and ecstasy—your eyes are like a flaming […]

TRANSPOWER: crafting a fortress of resistance

nothing in my life as an organizer has changed as dramatically as deeply internalizing the centrality of extending practical solidarity to trans women of color—nothing in the self-proclaimed equality movement needs to be rejected as emphatically as the tokenizing and exploitive ploys of gay inc towards the most marginalized sectors […]


we walk amongst you incognito-our powers waiting to be discovered…we are evolving jedis in vitro—conjuring the ammunition we need to be heard…we are a neurodivergent army—subterraneanly wired to rise up…our cylon minds harmonize like a symphony—building a crescendo that your mind can fire up…our rebel tribe insists than another world […]

ANARCHIST REVELATION: the evolution of psychospiritual praxis

for millennia our species has lived on this earth—always molded by the conditions into which we were birthed…we have lived as hunter-gatherers, as serfs, and as slaves—we have paid homage to haughty kings burried in titanic holy graves…our system has been ripe for transformation for more than a century—but it […]


if jesus were alive today she’d be a black trans woman in the belly of the beast—if our cosmic power were brought to bear we’d uproot this sick system with all its insipid ideological disease…a black jesus would defend migrant families from deportation—she’d tear down the wall at the border […]

FINDING NEO: a prayer for our living gods

the night is pregnant with possibilities aroused and penetrated by my manic brain…the joy is punctuated with urgency—and i am anything but insane..we are organizing with all our strength to uproot a totalitarian regime—we are fighting to amplify our many struggles using all of our arsenal deployed by any means…my […]


men in skirts with fiercely lined lips—dance and spin and grind their hips…ladies butched up in lesbonic attire—inspire my mind and lift it higher…trans women were the vanguard of the stonewall uprising—but were then marginalized and pushed to the side…we must elevate all our sisters—trans or cis—we must strive for […]


love rises within and digs in her claws—holding hearts and minds in thrall…sex expresses what’s deep inside—karmic enchantment when she meets his eyes…separation and disintegration—carving up a complicated matrix…life and death—love and rage—there are costs to account for and psychic tolls to pay…the end is hard when two hearts have […]


its 4 am and i am intoxicated by dopamine–generated by the thirst i feel to transform our world…in a few hours we will take the streets and let our beautiful banners unfurl…its the day before yet another mobilization and i wonder about the depth of our resistance… i wonder about […]


prohomo symphonics deify this adonis…queering tectonics amplify the erotic…undressed and styled fly–you seduce with your eyes…lascivious and sanctified–you bless me with your desire…rock hard arms and supple abs transfix my mind late at night–dark skin and coarse dreds conjure tribal african rites…born free and raised brave–we conquer bigotry’s minions…trans and […]


trans and queer we rise and resist—neon colored bolsheviks…sex is sacred and love is fly—sate your desire and rise up high…feminist brigades make the patriarchy quake—fuel the fires and barricade the gates…we are fighting for a world of total sexual liberation—a cause we bless with holy erotic libations…the pansexual insurgency […]

PHYSICAL ATTRACTION: a meditation on trans and queer liberation

chemical reaction–a sweet satisfaction…orgasmic interaction–its physical attraction…we seek all our lives–for ones to love and to fuck…we harbor deep inside–the urge to rim and suck…expanding our conceptions of sex and of gender–has left the right apoplectic, fired up, and untethered…to my trans sisters and brothers i dedicate my life–i commit […]


when i stop to think i am amazed at how much has changed since stonewall…the gay liberation front emerged from the rebellion–naming itself in solidarity with the vietnamese national liberation movement… fast forward to today–we have pride parades across the country that have become festivals through which the predominantly white […]

NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE: a new movement for liberation takes shape

on june 10th 2017 dc threw down…trans and queer activists blockaded the pride parade after months of fruitless conversation with the gay elite…this is a movement moment–stonewall was an urban rebellion against homophobia and police oppression…its time to go back to our roots…with the unmentionable president in power, we can’t […]