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Eyes wide open Eyes wide shut You look deep within Extending your trust   Opening my mind to new culture To the zeitgeist of the moment Grounding me in the present Rooted in the path we have chosen   I call you gothic angel You are a protege of prophecy […]


  Blue light ricochets through water Coursing like seismic electricity Invoking cosmic destiny Molding a conjecture with prophecy This visceral manifestation of what I feel for you   You are my sponsees My karmic proteges Conjuring inner magic Reverberating like kinetic static Through these waters of synergy   I believe […]


You engage all of my senses Senses yet to be discovered You elevate and animate Transgressive beauty like no other   You are levitation You are erotic detonation You activate liberation Cleansing this toxic nation   I believe in you I believe in your spirit Your body is enticing Inviting […]


You are visceral inspiration You are succulent temptation We unleash imagination Conjuring the scaffolding of liberation   Your fire is potent and intensely catalytic Generating fractals ecstatic and acidic Our tantric underground is fierce and prolific Intertwining the sacred and the sacrilegious   I feel so alive—back with these deep […]


  What if my evolving diagnosis Is so much more than pathology? What if it’s not illness? What if its capacity?   I feel these burning questions Reverberating karmically I feel the power of empathy Fractals of neurodivergent chemistry   These fractals of psychotropic water Synaptic fluid pregnant with power […]


I come through sand Reverberating with karmic potential   I come for the sun Rising from beyond the ocean   We are survivors of addiction A ruthless affliction Gathered to share our stories Staying clean one day at a time   Our disease is insidious Brutal and persistent   We […]


I am conjuring a metaphor—I am conjuring a rhyme…the fractals animating my imagination are sinking deep roots in my mind…I heed the polyvalent technicolor narratives conveyed by our planets in orbit–the power of astrological wisdom helps me live most fully in the present… a cosmic conjecture is a wild psychic […]


I am a human being suffering from the human condition—I am psychosis and neurosis: I am mania and depression…I feel things to the bone and I seek the deepest truth—I imagine my tribe as a cyber-wired battalion of Jedi troops…I am not your poison—I am not psychically toxic…I register the […]


dancers stomp, twist, and writhe—giving voice to desires pent up deep inside…we long to rise as one and mobilize—our subaltern armies will rule the night… our democracy is plagued and under siege—we need cyberpunk power to keep the peace…nazis and fascists will come rolling deep—but our samurai neurodivergents have a […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]


I am proud of how i show up for life on the manic depressive spectrum–i am proud of my creativity and empathy, and of my spiritual insights and practice…i resist the dogma that calls all of this a disorder, because when balanced, my neurodivergent mind is opened to inspiration that […]


i am only forty-one, but addiction has been a cunning enemy of my life for at least three decades…at first compulsive sexual stimulation and fantasy–but also a foundational addiction to the power of intellect and self will…while my head branded me an atheist, my heart and soul kept me connected […]

GESTATION: diary of a shadow worker

I want to write about who I am becoming—and about what I am leaving behind…I want to write about the web we are weaving to save the air we are breathing with the power of our minds…I am a shadow worker in gestation—seeing the cracks through which liberation comes…pouring libations […]


I feel alone–so painfully alone… Lost in a fog of fear, profound remorse, and omnipresent anxiety… My mind has been locked in a vicious cycle of FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE–a cycle only broken by cathartic tears of pain… I have been confronted in retrograde by a new landscape of harm–this […]


Our vibe is subtle, electric, and wild Your warmth is deeply attractive and your charms make me smile You are an ancient people’s warrior king and a cybernetic genius’ child We are bonded by the related demons that teem within our minds We have shared common struggles and bared vulnerable […]


you activate my visions and animate my mind–but your hallucinogenic powers leave toxicity behind…i reach for you out of habit hoping to play with time–i reach for you seeking a key to the magic arising from deep inside…this is dirty medicine flowing freely conjured to fuel my fire–i must summon […]


you penetrate my heart–you penetrate my mind you amplify my spirit leaving angels to frolic deep inside the rhythms of my psyche are modulated by your eyes we rise to transform our world into a better child of our hybrid minds sex can transport us to sacred places and transformational […]


black men are fucking beautiful–and it hurts me that sometimes i don’t see that…i was born to a black mother and a white father, with tons of white cousins but none on my mother’s side…so that and systemic toxicity combined so that while only 8 or so i learned how […]


layers of truth emerge in our minds–they refract and manifest new dimensions come into being, metamorph, and coalesce our psychic strength is evolving in sync with grounding intentional breath we must be still and hone our powers to uproot this cult of death my manic mind seeks cosmic meaning in […]


Refracting through my month of visions has been a vast pyramid with a maze underneath—its enclaves house nascent spirits arising from the magical deep…I am a disciple of emergent strategy as I have become a disciple of sleep—I recruit an army of freedom fighters to evict our rulers from their […]


visions this intense have never before penetrated my mind—i see with godlike vision peering through amplified love fueled eyes…fractals manifest everywhere conveying prophecies for our disciples to find—this spiritual and erotic armor prepares us to leave the toxicity of this system behind…i am ripening through so much beauty and experiencing […]


i am so wired for you pixie angel—it is visceral and it is magic…my heart is opening but fearing danger—we craft a connection that is free, seductive, and emphatic you take me to our own private nirvana—where agents of karma vogue with gaga and madonna…covered in platinum armor we strut […]


our world is in the throes of a collective spiritual rebirth—rebel armies conjuring godlings to imagine a sustainable place on this earth…the blood wolf moon brought karmic energy with love and rage interspersed—we are crafting our own destiny shaping emergent transformation that cannot be reversed…our new astrology posits that we […]

EUPHORIA: a bypo pixie duet

cosmological forces conjure elixirs for our sacred apothecary…jedi powers rise up fueled by love arming us to do what is necessary…enshrouded in beauty of soul and mind you tantalize with seductive eyes…this passion is expanding exponentially awakening a global karmic fire you receive me from my travels wearing fur and […]


alcohol and adderall—smoking up like biggy smalls…toxic habits haunt us all—we crave the things that make us fall…lines of coke fueling pychotic breaks—giving less than I fight to take…forgetting how much I have at stake—living in sin is make or break…sex with meth and sex on speed—finding pleasure too intense […]


  we are two but we are one–karmic angels worshipping the moon and sun…we are moses and abraham’s great grandsons–we imagine the nascent godlings we strive to become…destiny and fate drew our paths together–our lives will meet their end but our souls will live forever…craving a future changed decisively for […]