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Emblazoned by color We rise and resist We morph and evolve Raising chainmailed fists   We fuck with the binary We fuck who we choose Alchemizing lust Nothing to lose   You inspire my spirit You inspire my mind We manifest prophecy Amplifying desire   This pulse of liberation This […]

LEGACY: an adams morgan story

  Prologue:   Displacement has a long history on this ground Nacotchtank: the Piscataway people’s name for this land Describing the convergence of rivers and its people This park was a Black cemetery Powerful abolitionists lie interred here We imagine a legacy Seeds of contemporary resistance Sowed by generations long […]


We are disciples of rebellion Disciples of dissent We seduce with psychic power With orgasmic extravagance   Tattoos brand our bodies Insurrection brands our minds Color accentuates our power Love and lust are intertwined   Waters of rebellion surge Allowing a zeitgeist of insurrection Tides of destiny converge Liberating my […]


This is an explosion of the erotic Silver hair flying with the wind A cycle begins Arousing desire deep within   Your presence is magnetic Sinuous and kinetic Riot glam conjures synergy Sizzling and electric   Exploring the tantric Against a wall of graffiti You exude rebellion Through every contour […]


Viscous And vibrant Pulsating color a mirror   Reflecting the struggle of service Service to nation and principle Service to community and country   Layers of paint Explode like wildfire Live vivacious shrapnel Beautiful and resonant   Splatterings Of red, white, and blue Explosions of color like karmic chemistry   […]


Colors connive as spirits revive We are shackled by trauma locked deep inside We heal from our pasts and rebuild our lives The rhythms of recovery dance and collide   This magical orange suggests hope and liberation Love and trust reopen gates of imagination We find joy in eye contact: […]


black men are fucking beautiful–and it hurts me that sometimes i don’t see that…i was born to a black mother and a white father, with tons of white cousins but none on my mother’s side…so that and systemic toxicity combined so that while only 8 or so i learned how […]


layers of truth emerge in our minds–they refract and manifest new dimensions come into being, metamorph, and coalesce our psychic strength is evolving in sync with grounding intentional breath we must be still and hone our powers to uproot this cult of death my manic mind seeks cosmic meaning in […]


Refracting through my month of visions has been a vast pyramid with a maze underneath—its enclaves house nascent spirits arising from the magical deep…I am a disciple of emergent strategy as I have become a disciple of sleep—I recruit an army of freedom fighters to evict our rulers from their […]


our world is in the throes of a collective spiritual rebirth—rebel armies conjuring godlings to imagine a sustainable place on this earth…the blood wolf moon brought karmic energy with love and rage interspersed—we are crafting our own destiny shaping emergent transformation that cannot be reversed…our new astrology posits that we […]

RIPENING: new rules for a new religion

I write because I have to—I write because I have something to say…I create because I have the right to—I imagine a world crafted by wholistic ways…my mind reinspired by the solstice, I imagine a new multifaceted matrix…clothed in technicolor aspirations I arise from the ashes of the past like […]


i am a fractal infecting the matrix—a reborn intifada uprooting the empire’s military bases…from the sands of the desert where divinity recreates us—we craft a reborn faith whose zeitgeist can sustain us…we need a holy war to uproot this toxic fascist order—a jihad of epic proportions to ensure our people […]


give and take–hope and change…healing trauma and psychic pain…guilt and shame conquered by love and rage…envisioning a  new world molded by revolutionary ways…crafting truth–connecting souls…love is a power greater than their hoarded gold…we breath deep and seek the gods of old…meditation brings peace making the spirit whole…we meet friends and […]

COSMIC CONFLAGRATION: an antidote to emotional nausea

a week of pain: a week of blame–emotional nausea holds my spirit in chains…looking deep inside examining my ways–aspiring to give back more than i take…seeds of fire rising higher–consummating revolutionary desire…born to dance and to inspire–praying for liberation from this psychic quagmire…restrictions of cognition breed dysfunction and addiction…breaking patterns […]


riding the waves of heroin and speed–feeding my needs but making me bleed… i pray for the future that has been prophecied–i pray for a world of love, justice, and peace… my eyes and my mind are opened so wide–i can’t keep my visions locked up deep inside… i share […]


sex is elemental—nature’s most potent anti-depressive agent…tantric energy rises up–giving birth to divergent rivers of erotic imagination… nothing is fixed and everything is fluid…i immerse my mind in manic meditation striving to remain grounded and lucid… I have spent many nights absorbed in waves of hedonistic self-exploration…i have examined the […]


i open my eyes in wonder at the majesty of the stars–i imagine fractal geometries connecting us near and far…i am a scorpio by birth but a rising phoenix by heart–i dream of a revolution to tear this sick system apart…we need the gnosis of both east and west to […]


subaltern powers writhe, grow, and rise–posing an alternative to this system from inside…examining anti-capitalist theory through transformative newborn eyes–resisting the fascist threat cloaked in patriotic disguise…we don’t walk we strut–we don’t make love we fuck…we strike a pose and run amok–bashing bigots into dust…we are a rising crime family crafted […]


we resist in the shadow of a viciously kleptocratic and satanic cabal—a regime based on the most toxic ruling ideology holding so many white minds in thrall…we unleash our revolutionary prayers that this unholy babylon will fall—we build a revolutionary praxis that values transcendent relationships above all…tens of millions yearn […]


luminous rays interact reverberating near and far–our spirits evolve and change rising higher towards the stars…this is an epoch of historic struggle where every phalanx plays its part–your beauty seduces my eye by night opening a vector to my heart…this is full spectrum sensuality yearning for full spectrum system change–this […]


good and bad-right and wrong…ancient mores transcribed in songs…queer and straight–trans and cis…we can find common ground as we rise and resist…war and peace fused together with orwell’s flair–we are living through an age of existential mortal peril…with so much myth uproooted and so many lies exposed–the question is what […]

ZEITGEIST: insurrectionary aspirations

this has been a gruesome week—by any estimation: the muslim ban upheld by the supreme court—a court that turned around and delivered a brutal assault on the rights of public sector unions…a rancid conservative justice stands down, paving the way for our would-be-fuhrer to appoint a fascist…there were a few […]


nocturnal visions and prophecies suffuse our world and let her breathe…craving love and refusing sleep—crafting verses driving deep…pentagons and hexagons—trapezoids and octagons…geometry voiced by our freedom songs—doing right and righting wrongs… we weave the tapestry of a new religion from disparate threads of divergent spiritual traditions…grounding our energy through meditation—seeking […]


synthesized and camouflaged—scoping streets and living large…finding spiritual truth in erotic rites—our gang of geisha strut and rule the night…transwomen claim a place on high—praised for their courage and beauty: so super fly…we reject the decaying ideology of sexual ownership and pervasive shame—we are dirty little freaks branding the streets […]


a force lifts me up, healing from so much pain—a light pierces clouds as the sun follows rain… we allow erotic energy to flow and percolate—creating sacred space for new ideas to arise and germinate… we must conjure superpowers to fuel our resistance–we must unearth cosmic truth from the worlds […]

BLOOD AT THE BORDER: a clash between civilization and utter barbarism

apologies… for this is a frantically written poem–struggling to come to grips with a cataclysmic situation…eager to fuel the white nationalist vitriol of his base, our would-be-dictator is deploying the national guard to persecute migrants fleeing poverty and desperation and seeking some faint hope of a better life…the stakes in […]