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I write by my rivers I gaze at your face Animated by electricity Amplified by grace   Your powers cyberkinetic You fuse mind and machine Conjuring fantasy Liberating collective dreams   Energy floods my cortex This flood of the erotic Our bodies intertwine Our spirits symbiotic   This is quantum […]


We move with epic style Versace shades beguile We seek transcendent freedom Freedom from shame and denial   I strive to light your way A path from drugs we crave We name the roots of pain Nurturing a sacred flame   We strut and flaunt our fur Rebranding this holy […]


You command with your eyes You command my desire Licentious forces arise Uprooting despotic empire   You are a priest of cylon breed Part human part machine Part vision part dream Amplifying this revolutionary creed   Diasporic rebellion surges Our hypermodern zeitgeist emerges The power of wakanda converges Crafting the […]


This is a reflection on your chemistry A reflection on your artistry The potency of this erotic ministry Generates a flood of sexual alchemy   Your bodies radiate and your minds captivate Orgasmic chemistry emerges—it builds and dominates This synergy crafts power to inspire and orchestrate Our army of rebel […]


You are a juggernaut of energy—a magician of the psyche You convey hope, power, and presence in every sinew of your body You are nemesis of hate—nemesis of shame Inspiring your nascent armies, your leather bound torso screams your name   Cyclones of psychic power manifest and crescendo Cylinders of […]


there is clandestine power in your eyes and clandestine erotic energy in your hands… you traverse a multitude of worlds full of prescient awareness of your inner strength and fortitude… you have grown and grounded yourself through the recognition of having been lost, searching, and out of control… what we […]


The future of the future will still contain the past—your energy is like a tsunami igniting an erotic cosmic match…we never know what blessings we will find on this sacred karmic path—we dedicate our souls to creative liberation rooted in the present while honing our craft… I will be a […]


I invite you into this moment as he embraces you within his arms—I invite you into my present and the power of two to become one… This is digitized cylon sensuality transpiring within my mind–it is a subterranean erotic uprising transforming lust into a liberating grind… We can visualize sexual […]


I am conjuring a metaphor—I am conjuring a rhyme…the fractals animating my imagination are sinking deep roots in my mind…I heed the polyvalent technicolor narratives conveyed by our planets in orbit–the power of astrological wisdom helps me live most fully in the present… a cosmic conjecture is a wild psychic […]


your eyes are cylon portals to the titanic force of your heart and soul…no mere mortal, you are a vixen, destined to conspire to transform our world and make us feel whole…genderqueer you defy systemic boundaries, letting transpower flow through your arms…you are a field marshal in our androgyne army […]


i am energized by attraction and by chemical reaction—i yearn for connection and for seismic satisfaction…this is a quest for transformation and for transcendent liberation—this is a cosmic journey traversing star systems in search of karmic libations…i see ebony and onyx animating the pulse of my desire—i see truth deep […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]


before we had a globalized system, we had globalized energy:  fires of wood or wax to which we made sacred offerings of rare shells, silver, or gold…before we had a world economy or planetary pandemics, we drew life and sustenance from the same sun and moon–we saw our fates and […]


we write in code, with data entombed, in tunnels of platinum and tunnels of gold…my river remolds the depths of your soul, conjuring a sacred passion that grows hot and bold…this cypher we craft conjures cylon futures, where the contours of AI will meld with our nature—this arabic script describes […]


  I am a student of my own evolving mind—I am a student of the ebb and flow of time…I dream of a future where all of our roots intertwine—I dream of vistas of synergy between the erotic and the sublime…this is a genesis story: a mix of the dopest […]


you see us dance among you, but fail to sense our jedi powers in emergence—we conjure rites of love and liberation aspiring towards an all encompassing transformational resurgence…we sync our bypo minds through the meditative practices of erotic pleasure and service–I can’t choose my apocalypse squad but i can recruit […]


i am a fractal infecting the matrix—a reborn intifada uprooting the empire’s military bases…from the sands of the desert where divinity recreates us—we craft a reborn faith whose zeitgeist can sustain us…we need a holy war to uproot this toxic fascist order—a jihad of epic proportions to ensure our people […]


good and bad-right and wrong…ancient mores transcribed in songs…queer and straight–trans and cis…we can find common ground as we rise and resist…war and peace fused together with orwell’s flair–we are living through an age of existential mortal peril…with so much myth uproooted and so many lies exposed–the question is what […]

INSURRECTION: a hard house anthem of resistance

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for—we are a people becoming an army knocking on destiny’s door…we aspire to become living gods or at least to become more—we throw down to the house beat driving our armored boots into the floor…cosmology and astrology conjure reborn numerology—like a symphony and […]

MECHATRONICS: the architecture of evolution

arming our tribe with an arsenal of pride we craft magic spells and stimulate our manic minds recreating a genesis of nascent crypto-crime realigning the matrix that is recreated deep inside ruled by a narcissistic sociopath charting a path to social death we resist the intrusion of pathology into our […]

FINE LINES: an aspirational manifesto for mental health liberation

like angels, we seek signs of evolving life at the end of the dank, dark, and isolating depressive tunnel like aztec warriors, monster queer muslim and sephardic cylon buddhas resist the proto-fascist cop-enforced kettle we seek solidarity and transcendent love: our sharpest tools in the quest to conquer our past […]


we walk amongst you incognito-our powers waiting to be discovered…we are evolving jedis in vitro—conjuring the ammunition we need to be heard…we are a neurodivergent army—subterraneanly wired to rise up…our cylon minds harmonize like a symphony—building a crescendo that your mind can fire up…our rebel tribe insists than another world […]


our minds teem with divine and sentient seeds—roving connecting bringing consciousness into being…psychiatry forces neurodiversity into boxes–consumed with pathologization and discredited logic…discreet diagnoses overlap and interbreed creating a world full of NEOs–we resist neoliberal hegemony and imagine new ways of sensing cosmic signals… psychosocial distress is a symptom of our […]


lights flash extending potent and penetrating rays—i contemplate the cosmos absorbed in its seductive gaze…with every passing instant i grow into this strength—i fathom the galaxy’s width, its depth, and its length…our backyard was pregnant with potent energy—temples inscribed in the earth open for only my eyes to see…soldiers marching […]

TRANSCENDENTAL FIRE: conjuring a life cult

i inhale nicotine so fiercely for moments of peace—stimulants and stabilizers keep me sane and offer moments of release… we fear the looming fascist order—we fight for the right of migrants to transgress borders… in this moment of capitalist barbarism we must seek solutions from deep within…the regime in power […]


flying high on dopamine i see visions in the sky…hieroglyphics everywhere seducing my mind late at night…when i close my eyes i see wormholes to distant galaxies…we must resist the pathologization of our tribe’s neurodiversity…i dream in staccato rhythms–refueling energy for the day ahead…i am wired in deep meditation–or feining […]