African Diaspora

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Your rhythm is percussive Insistent and seductive Your fire is diabolic Prophetic and destructive   You manifest as a demigod Your powers are tantric magic Angelic and ecstatic Your energy writhes emphatic   I am inspired by your image Inspired by sacred synergy This is infamy and alchemy Burning carnal […]


I come to the river I come to write   Your image reverberates in my mind Your incandescent beauty captivates my eye   You recline amidst a tapestry of color Your deep rich skin is luminous Captivating and energizing Magic like black obsidian   I search for meaning in this […]


You cleave with your sword You conspire with your word You inspire with desire For sacred songs to be heard   My heart is enraptured Captured by your fire In your eyes I see nascent nebulae Beginning to writhe and arise   You are a samurai of the diaspora A […]


Scattershot photo-ops Grip my mind Pierce my heart   Black beauty and faith rise transcendent Rivers of injustice are never-ending   Light and shadow interweave Crafting a sacred tapestry Tattoos writhe with tantric energy Projecting emphatic ecstasy Projecting prophetic potency   Pain and joy Hope and pride Manifesting before my […]


Your presence is electric Your fire is kinetic The pulse of libido is seismic It is transcendent and frenetic   You are adorned in black obsidian Accentuating your power   Manifesting as a prophet erotic Your eyes are hypnotic They are psychotropic flowers   We summon sacred spiritual fortitude Fueled […]


Shockwaves of the diaspora reverberate from the crucible of the South Bronx Shockwaves of sacred synergy permeate the colors and textures of your creations   You are a sorceress of karmic chemistry—a mistress of blood memory You channel ancestral power into vibrant accents and manifestations of the divine   The […]


Vicious violet accents animate your eyes Pregnant with presence—pregnant with desire Your epic sex presence fuels a carnal fire This erotic synergy has the power to uproot empire   Serpents rising within are your chakras’ resurrection They encircle your spine with armor against infection This is evolution on hyperdrive—supernatural selection […]


Piercing eyes and obsidian skin Inviting epic fantasy deep within Erotic fractals magnetize your strength You are an epic force—an iconic pimp   Electric charge manifests exhilaration We rise and fly craving freedom and liberation This is a tantric quest of exquisite imagination A quest for spirituality—for collective emancipation   […]

MARQUIS DU MAQUIS: a seductrix anthem

You exude carnal fire as a lord of desire We conspire and rewire to take this energy ever higher I will give you my zen–I will give what you require We craft a rising erotic order whose power will never expire   The maquis were French rebels against Nazi occupation […]


You project and command with fire in your eyes Your energy is psychotropic—raw dopamine in disguise Orgasmic rivers converge in the matrix of your mind Aquatic power reverberates when your lovers intertwine   This principality is an experiment in radical imagination We craft sacred orgies fueled by tantric emanations This […]

ILLICIT ARMY: a leather anthem

Our erotic army is an illicit army Soldiers clad in leather hard and swarthy Our minds are cyber wired with cosmic chemistry We reimagine desire: sex becomes artistry   Our harnesses are conduits for tantric stimulation Orgasmic ecstasy is a pivotal pillar of creation We conceive a world of joy […]


The river black and matte like rubber urges me to think of the past Oceans of crime and centuries of grime dismembered by our magic at last   Nations of Black bodies ensnared by other Africans Sold as chattel to avaricious conquistadors and mercantilists The river bleeds red in memory […]


Your skin dark like night boldly seared with tattoos You transfix my mind with intensity—with the power of your moods We imagine a world of love where solidarity rules We craft outlines of this future as we sharpen our tools   We are aboriginal people before pillage and conquest We […]


A storm is coming together—a storm of emancipation We will break the interlocking chains of oppression and exploitation You lend your oceanic power to this atmospheric reverberation From frigid deep blue depths arises an armada of liberation   Your energy is supersonic—hypnotic and erotic Your torso summons a force both […]


Living with purpose—living with joy and passion She is an oracle of truth—of psychospiritual reactions   Her totems are windows into her being’s manifestations The giraffe connotes perspective—the butterfly signifies transformation   The metaphysical power of snake medicine lies in her gifted hands We shed old skins but sustain our […]


  Entrancing eyes caress seductive thighs Erogenous dreams are realized Our armies recruit to rebel and arise Coptic sex vixens amplify carnal desires   Afro Goth power reverberates deep within Your sorcery allows the clock of history to begin once again We find sacred joy in our bodies: the pleasure […]


Cleopatra’s eyes entrance Sheba’s thighs Your harem writhes watching electricity rise   Bedecked in jewels and fiercely Black You are armed with love ready to react or attack   This metallic veil amplifies the beauty you radiate The pulse of the erotic transforms and proliferates   We need armies of […]


Transgressing the binary is your daily occupation You occupy a space between desire and elation Transforming hearts and minds with cosmic incantations We create a sacred ark of justice and liberation   Your touch is potent and luscious so deeply attractive Our energies converge forming a quasar luminous and reactive […]


Their eyes pulsate with emotion… All of their limbs are taut and ready animated by the urgency of the moment… These are the guardians of that which was not taken These shamanic warriors defend the motherland, guarding space for our people to thrive… We whose ancestors were expropriated fight for […]


God and goddess fuse into one—we dance under the moon and frolic in the sun…this is a mythological rewiring of an ancient story of creation—it is a deep dive into the diaspora from which our people come… love is our god and sex is our goddess—this visceral synergy gives form […]


Centuries of oppression and rebellion—of pain and joy—eddy in the waters of time—pregnant with generations of our blood memories… Valkyrie choose the slain in combat—they choose whose blood flows to extinction and whose lives are spared… Black women carry the weight of our struggle in their bones—with marrow communicating routes […]


He is an icon and a maverick—a voice of hope, sensuality, pain, and liberation… This creatrix rises to amplify the power of pride and sexuality—to bring the joys of the grind to our post-apocalyptic civilization… Like so many young black men—especially queer young black men—he wondered if his lips were […]


It was my first night on the psych ward…I submerged the Bible in the toilet—imagining that I would recreate the sacred text over the course of my stay…I imagined that the water would unearth messages and channel symbols not visible to the naked eye… Floridly manic and coming down from […]


I write from a place deep inside—from a geothermal vent of being and presence… Presence is the essence—the essence of our resistance…imparting the power to transform systems and to conjure new religions… The Moon is in Scorpio and I am asked to go deep—to reimagine our world while deep in […]


  Snake medicine pulsates through my being, unleashing immense powers of creativity—bringing psychic energy into awareness and channeling this magic towards our need for healing… The kundalini power arising from the root chakra ascends through our snake-like spinal column…I envision a serpentine double-helix armoring our spines and our minds through […]


My eyes seduce the son of god—taking in every sinuous muscle and seductive glance, and absorbing the power of our galaxy’s constellations and the dynamic interplay between lust, sex, and love… We access the cosmic power of the erotic when we allow our spines to be sensuous conduits for tantric […]